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Books by Ellie Hallett

Published Works

Very Loud Stories - plays for a class of reading partners - click for details
    (These stories are perfect for home reading parent/child bonding.)

The Fox and the Crow
Henny Penny
Echo and Narcissus
King Midas and the Golden Touch
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Little Red Riding Hood and the Five Senses

Readers' Theatre Partner Plays - Published and distributed by Network Education

Who Will Bell the Cat?
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Jack and the beanstalk
The Fox and the Goat
The Gingerbread Man
Little Red Riding Hood
The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
The Two Travellers
The Enormous Turnip
The Hare and the Tortoise
The Wind and the Sun
The Three Wishes
The Fox and the Crow
The Man, the Boy and the Donkey
The Ugly Duckling

LOUD Poetry for Shared and Class Reading
     and Performance -
click for details

The Three Little Pigs in Rhyme
Slick Limericks – 35 original limericks
Loud Poems for Noisy Kids

Scripted Plays illustrated with artworks - click for details

The Story of Pandora
The Riddle of the Sphinx

Oral Language and Speech - click for details

Mighty Mouth Movers Student Book
Mighty Mouth Movers Teaching Manual
Oral Language for Pre-Schoolers and Pre-Readers
Oral Language for Beginner Readers
Oral Language for Budding Actors

Classroom Management - Super Teacher Series - click for details

Getting to the Heart of Learning Problems
From Bully to Model Citizen
Fixing Bad Behaviour

The Reading Works Series - click for details

The Schwa
Silent Letters
Homophones and Heteronyms
Uncountable Nouns (Collective and plural nouns without s on the end)
A-Z Letters and their Sounds
IPA Sounds and their Letters
Wonder Words (word families)
Nuts and Bolts – Literacy Teaching Manual

Reading Works Charts (A2 Laminated
- Published and distributed by Network Education

The Letters and Sounds of the Basic Alphabet
The Schwa
Silent Letters
Homophones and Heteronyms

       (Note: A3 format individual charts and
       A4 personal chart booklet available from Ellie on request.)

Music Books and Compositions - click for details

As Easy as Pie Piano Scales (www.pianoscales.com.au)
We All Live in Australia – from the Dreamtime to the present time, we honour and cherish Australia because it is our home
Earth Song – We are riders together on this fragile planet - SATB a capella
When Your Pants Begin to Go – Words Henry Lawson
Internet Song
It's Time to Sing! (Children's Songbook/Reader; Teaching Manual)
Learn to Read Music by Drawing - workbook
Music Lesson and Practice Logbook
The New Alphabet Song
(Many) Free articles and music downloads on www.musicworks.net.au

Musicals - click for details

The Fairy Who Wouldn't Fly – based on Australian story by Pixie O'Harris
Over the Moon
Flying to the Rescue
A Tight Spot for Santa
Riders – a multicultural musical  - click for details

Other books

Ten Pretty Butterflies – counting book - click for details
How to Draw the Sun (available on request)

Books can be ordered securely through PayPal
directly from the author.

Any questions? Please contact Ellie.