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Very Loud Stories

The format of stories in rows was designed and tested in the classroom by Ellie. It was so successful that it became the structure for all the stories in this series.

Partners (or a small group) take it in turn to read and listen to the text of each row. The advantage is that, unlike a play where the speaking parts are of unequal length, each reader here has equal speaking and listening time.

A lot of first-person dialogue enables readers to be each character, to feel the drama of being chased by Foxy Loxy or be the youngest Billy Goat Gruff. The result? Reluctant readers are no longer reluctant; advanced readers add creative flourishes, and average readers start to fly.

An in-built 'Let's do it again!' factor will especially please teachers.

Retold from the Greek legend, children can take turns in reading the lines while simultaneously learning about the larger-than-life characters. The action is presented in such a way that this Greek myth will have its readers re-visiting it many times because once will definitely not be enough. This is a story that is part of our world cultural heritage, and as such needs to be a part of everyone's general knowledge.

A5 format.

Illustrations include beautiful classical art works and sculptures in full colour to help the readers to more fully realise how the characters and places in this legend are timeless.

Aesop, literature, play-reading, literature, literacy, reading, learning and teaching.

This Aesop's fable is full of delight. We are taken in by the Fox just as much as Crow is, and so the story carries on faithfully to the next generation.

Even though this story is about a fox and a crow, human emotions run high in this story, teaching the young reader valuable life lessons. This is Aesop at his best!

A5 format.

Henny Penny. Traditional story, literature, literacy, learning and teaching.

Henny Penny takes us on a roller-coaster ride that enables the reader to feel what it is like to be thought of as dinner.

However, we are also given an insight into how the fox thinks, although our sympathies for him will probably not overcome our preference for wanting well-being of the five feathered characters to have precedence!

The imaginative language usage brings this story to life in full first-person drama.

A5 format.

This lively version brings this classic story into the here and now. Readers feel the action and meet the characters as if they are in real time.

Well-structured language and beautiful pictures are perfect companions in this classic tale.

A5 format.

This much-loved story will not only capture the imagination of its partner readers from the first encounter, it will entice them back many times more to re-experience the fun.

The colourful characters not only give permission to be LOUD, but they encourage it! Quietly alongside this loudness come the educational matters of promoting fluency, vocabulary and self-expression. Sibling rivalry, emotional differences and the cliché will entertain the reader and listener from page one to the end. This is a particularly imaginative and word-pictorial version!

A5 format.

Little Red Riding Hood and the Five Senses

This script is a free download Loud Story suitable for a whole class divided into two performance groups. The cast number of is flexible as teachers will see when reading the script.

Please only download Little Red Riding Hood and the Five Senses once for your class and then reproduce only enough copies for what you need. Do not allow anyone to on-sell.

The play is copyright, but as a free download it is available only under the aforementioned conditions. A lot of work has gone into its concept and writing, and I know you will respect this.

Please also look at what else I have written on this website as there is a lot of fun stuff here that is robust and educationally nourishing as well as being immediately child-appealing. Wry humour is a strong component in all my writing, as you will discover.

Please let me know if you use Little Red Riding Hood and the Five Senses
and if your class enjoys performing it.
I would love to hear from you!

Very Loud Plays

These scripted plays have vivid dialogue and beautiful illustrations to add to the reading and/or performance experience of children acting the parts of legendary characters. Production and staging notes are included in each book.

The Story of Pandora is a Greek myth that everyone should know, and what better way than as a play.

The complications and ins and outs of this highly dramatic story brings the characters to life, not only for the performers but also to listeners.

The role of the on-stage storyteller provides continuity of the story development.

Full colour A4 format.

This version of the famous Greek myth stays true to the story as it unravels the complications and dramatic events for both the participant and the listener. Adapted from the Greek myth, this play is for six characters performed by three or more actors. This edition not only brings the story to life through vivid dialogue, it illustrates the drama with beautiful works of art that reflect different interpretations.

Full production and background notes are included.

Full colour A4 format.

Educational benefits of Very Loud Plays

These plays provide:

  • opportunities to build vocal confidence by becoming someone else
  • discovering the pleasures and benefits gained by rehearsing and modifying until satisfied with the result
  • visualisation development to see in the mind new events because of what the words are conveying and how they are doing this
  • vocabulary extension to see, hear and say familiar words in new and imaginative contexts
  • an example of the power and energy words have in human communication
  • an arena to try out personal preferences regarding dramatic expression, pace, volume, pitch, body language and so on
  • ways to engage with an audience; discovering the benefits of memorisation; using facial expression, vocal variations and body language to convey emotion
  • oral reading skill development including voice projection, word clarity, adding vocal surprises to build and release tension, the stretching of vowels and the exaggeration of consonants …
  • social interaction and diplomacy development;
  • experience in trying out a variety of specific performance skills such as ways to enter, stand, move, acknowledge the audience, exit, and maintain the drama from start to finish
  • opportunities to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary
  • a vivid and memorable theatrical experience.