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About Reading Works Books

Even with explicit teaching and synthetic phonics, sight words and a mountain of good intentions, there is a risk for children not being given the full story in that c for cat does not match c as in cents, c as in brick, c as in church, c as in Michael or c as in race. 
This can be devastating for an inexperienced reader.

The ed at the end of started is different to the ed in missed. The i in rabbit does not sound at all like i for igloo. The e for egg does not tell the truth in words such as have, love, give, even when the long vowel rule mat-mate rule is applied. However, and assuming all the above English anomalies are taught, this is still not enough.

The Reading Works Series shows how our writing system works rather than teaches pronunciation rules and their associated jargon in isolation, hoping the right one will be remembered and applied when encountered in a reading book.

Enough said. To see how some extraordinary explicit word knowledge teaching is possible even from a simple four-word sentence, please click here.

It is a deep-learning approach that promotes reading success, word memorisation accuracy, social togetherness, meaning and enjoyment for everyone.

The Reading Works Series

      • Vowels
      • Consonants
      • Blends
      • Digraphs
      • The Schwa
      • Silent Letters
      • Contractions
      • Homophones and Heteronyms
      • Uncountable Nouns (Collective and plural nouns without s on the end)
      • A-Z Letters and their Sounds
      • IPA Sounds and their Letters
      • Wonder Words (word families)
      • Nuts and Bolts – Literacy Teaching Manual

Hard-copy A4 books available now.

Reading Works Charts (A2 Laminated)
      - Published and distributed by Network Education

      • The Letters and Sounds of the Basic Alphabet
      • Vowels
      • Consonants
      • Blends
      • Digraphs
      • The Schwa
      • Silent Letters
      • Contractions
      • Homophones and Heteronyms  

Note: A3 format individual charts and
       A4 personal chart booklet available from Ellie on request.

Oral Language Series

Each book in the Oral Language in Action series has a year’s worth of practical and varied lesson ideas that you won’t find anywhere else.

Children of all abilities will love the feeling of achievement that will take them beyond what they thought they could do and into the realms of best-possible speaking, listening, reading, learning and well-being.

Teachers and parents will be impressed with the imaginative, easy-to-follow and rigorously enjoyable lesson ideas included on every page. High quality teaching and learning will be the result. Hard copy books in A4 available now.

Loud Phonics Series

Loud Phonics books are for classrooms, self-teaching, homeschool, English as an Additional Language, ESL; based on the Vygotsky teacher-as-expert philosophy. Phonics means sound. The Loud Phonics Series of 8 books is based on sound to teach beginner readers phoneme-grapheme correspondences in an entertaining way. 

Phonic/grapheme accuracy, oral language, speech clarity, the breathing of reading, creative thinking, comprehension, word knowledge, listening skills, vocabulary, handwriting protocols, widening general knowledge and memory development are some of the many learning possibilities that can be incorporated while using the Loud Phonics Series.

These books have been written to be thorough, to provide a feeling of lively enjoyment and success along the way for all ability and age levels, and to be instantly appealing to be read, reread and love.

This is a dyslexia-friendly series. Letters are spaced more widely than usual, and the background colour is cream to avoid glare.

The goal for this series of books is to first teach the format and content before handing over the self-teaching deep learning process to each beginner reader to practise independently.

It is important that there is easy and self-motivated access to each book in the series so that the result for all learners is that every word is recognised at a glance and its meaning understood.

In an ideal learning environment for phonics-based decoding of CVC words, the following teaching-methods checklist is highly recommended:

    * teacher-led direct instruction

    * systematic and explicit teaching

    * simultaneous oral, aural, visual and kinaesthetic (written) learning

    * a direct line of sight and close proximity between learners and teacher

    * vocabulary-enrichment at every opportunity

    * a clear-speech focus instilled by the teacher and emulated by learners

    * teacher-led conversation-based interactivity

    * open-ended questions for developing deductive reasoning

    * a wide variety of sequential thinking opportunities

    * sentence improvisations modelled by the teacher and then created by learners
      to stimulate visualisation and prove an understanding of meaning

    * on-going in transit assessments for fixing-and-stretching

    * active participation and a no-gaps understanding by everyone.

The Teacher's book (Book 8) provides ideas and teaching methods that show how learning to read can be done without anxiety or pressure because it 'doesn't feel like school'.

Teach Yourself English Series

A series of 15 books taking the teacher/parent guided student from the sounds of vowels and consonants through decoding CVC words and into more complex word structures - all the while providing a joyful and sometimes quirky approach to learning these vital first steps to reading English.

    • Bouncy vowels
    • Consonants in Rhyme
    • bus peg fan
    • cat bag dog
    • Is this a cat or a cot?
    • Is this a fin or a fig?
    • pond bely pram
    • Is this about kick or cake?
    • The other day I hurt my leg
    • Have you ever seen a flea jump on a knee?
    • Are these birds or beads?
    • One hot day I lost my hat
    • See me, read me, write me
    • Speed read animal noises
    • The rip-roaring 18th letter of the alphabet

Books are A5 hard copy, and also available as eBooks
downloadable from Amazon/Kindle.