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Ellie's Pop-up Specials Shop

Readers' Theatre series - hard copies only

Classic stories re-imagined by Ellie Hallett in a read-by-rows format
for reading partners, group performances or solo reading.

These books are different. Very different.

So much so that all abilities Years 2 to 6 want to read, love to read, need to read, beg to read, because they have discovered they can.

The alternating reading and listening in turn format I devised years ago worked so well that children literally ran to my drama classroom chanting, ‘Drama is the best, toss out the rest.’

They begged to take the books into the playground at lunchtime to continue the laughter and wellbeing feeling of togetherness.

They pleaded to take each storybook home to read with mum, dad or grandma because they knew it would involve the cuddle factor.

Less able readers were pulled into the stories so strongly that that they were determined not to be left out of the fun, and so they conquered the harder bits because they wanted to.

Top readers added all sorts of expressive and theatrical trimmings that would do a professional actor proud - effortlessly raising the standard of everyone.

REPETITION was automatic, and became the magic extra ingredient for improving fluency, visualisation and comprehension.

‘I wish we had school on the weekends’
sums it up in a nutshell.

All 15 books - special package deal.
$95.00 incl GST and postage in Australia

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